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    Being relatively new to CNC I like to see what/how its cutting so I didn't like the Dust Boots that pretty much cover everything. I also didn't want to sit there and hold a vacuum nozzle collecting the chips.
    I made a lost foam mold of the nozzle shape I wanted to use then laid up several layers of fiberglass & resin until the desired thickness, which is approx. 0.80 thick. When finished I poured acetone into the nozzle which completely ate all the foam out of the nozzle. I then fabricated a bracket assembly which is fully adjustable.
    Attached is a picture of the nozzle assembly. Due to the design of the nozzle there is considerable suction at the end of the nozzle and it picks up 95% of the chips/dust and small pieces which are too small to have tabs.
    That's what happens when I you have to much time on your hands

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    Very Nice innovation! I have the same issue. I want to see the cut!


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      I just recently purchased the NWCNC Dust boot. It works really well but as you say, I can't see the cuts. I keep my fingers crossed every time.