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Box made on the Ready 2 Rout

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  • Box made on the Ready 2 Rout

    I just noticed this section of the Forum - although I had posted this in a question below in the Ready 2 Rout section, I thought I'd put it here as well. Made from wenge, purpleheart and zebrawood, the box has 2 inlay strips (EASY with the R2R), and is made with the box joint program. I used the Whiteside 1/2" spirlal upcut bit with chip breaker here. The upcut really helps with dust collection (pulls it down to where the box around the router below the table is able to get it) - no tear out at all with even Wenge and Purpleheart. I'd not really made boxes before - this was an interesting challenge.

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    Like the box it looks great will try the upcut bit in my next project thanks for the tip