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Table for the extended table CNCHD 4

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  • Table for the extended table CNCHD 4

    could someone share the dimensions on the tables you have built for this CNC. Height-width-length to house your unit


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    I will try to post a picture in the next couple days, I built a frame from 1" square tubing (1/8" wall) and bolted three 2x4 's to the sides to get it level and put a sheet of 3/4" MDF on top countersunk screwed to the 2x4's and calculated to get the Shark HD4 extended table height at 35". It is still a work in progress as I just got the Gantry on it today and need to build a shelf for the controller.
    All the dimensions are outside in my shop/barn. It helped that I have done metalwork and have saws, wire welder etc.


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      i used 2 x4s and 3/4 in plywood. it is very sturdy and haven't had any issues with it. I also put a shelf to hold all of the extra wood.40in wide 70 inches long 30 inches high. I added a light across the top. cnc table - Copy.jpg


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        My first base was a mobile tool bench from Grainger, I found that it needed support under both sides, I added angle iron under the whole length of both sides. I noticed that it was still sagging when the gantry was anywhere near the middle of the table. After looking at several options I ended up purchasing a mobile work bench from Home Depot (best price). The cabinet didn’t have enough depth to support the entire width of the CNC so I built a butcher block out of some leftover maple and used white oak for the end caps. I has plenty of room for all related tooling and then some.