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Auto on / off for spindle?

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  • Auto on / off for spindle?

    I'm setting my HD4 with spindle up now.
    Anyone have information on the auto turn on and shut off. Is it available yet? Has anyone done this?

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    As of now it is not available. You need to start and stop it yourself.


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      I have this working.


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        Could you let us know how you have it set up?


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          Originally posted by Scheffy View Post
          Could you let us know how you have it set up?
          Please let us know how you got it working.


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            Your specific components and situation may be different than mine, so this may not work for you. But here is what I did:

            Use a relay to control the spindle, triggered by the CNC power output that would be turning a router on and off,.to trigger the VFD to turn on the spindle. Your VFD should have a setting for what controls the on/off setting (for example, on a Huanyang VFD it is PD001 needing to be set to 1, and on an SoyanPower LaPond SVD-e you need to set P0.02 to 1 and P3.01 to 1 and P3.07 to 1). Then, assuming the spindle is receiving power from the VFD, when the control terminal X1 to connected to the common terminal, the spindle will turn on, and when the connection between X1 and common is disconnected, the spindle will turn off.

            So, you use a relay with a 110v coil connected to the CNC router output and the normally-open terminals of the relay connected to X1 and common. When the CNC calls for the "router" to turn on, the relay will be energized and X1 will be connected to common and the spindle will turn on.

            Remember to allow time for the spindle to come to full speed. On my spindle with my settings, you will need about a delay of about 5 seconds to come to full speed.

            If you are comfortable with electrical wiring, this will likely make sense to you. If it does not make 100% sense, don't attempt i,t for your own safety.

            I used the Space Age Electronics SSU-PAM-1 relay for this purpose (obtained from Amazon, B0041KNPRBK) within an electrically nonconductive case containing all of the wiring and the relay itself.


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              RJ Geller,

              All I can say is that was easy for you to

              Are you near North Georgia? You can come set up mine... :-) I bought my Shark HD520 and it came with the Spindle... I love it, and don't really mind having to turn the spindle on and off separately, but it would be nice to have it integrated... Maybe if I saw the wiring diagrams, it would make more sense...

              Thank you for your insight.



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                RJGeller, Thank You for the information, Did you alter your post processor to add the delay ?


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                  Ive incorporated a hy 2.2 kw vfd and water cooled spindle in my hd5 extended. I’ve used the 12 volt coil to trigger the spindle run command. Then I used the vfd to trigger another delayed relay the runs the 12volt pump, fan, and temperature sensor on my onboard cooling system. It all works great with the new ready2control software and a small laptop with remote rpm and controls.


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                    How did you wire the speed signal to the vfd from the cnc controller?