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Water cooled spindle configuration settings - manual available?

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  • Water cooled spindle configuration settings - manual available?

    I'm setting mine up now. No information in the included manual about settings and configuration for the controller box. Does anyone have a link to a manual that details the settings?

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    Mine came with a 67 page user manual. A quick look through the manual I decided it was way more information then I cared to digest. I plugged in in, powered it up and it’s running fine with the default settings. The only thing I’m adjusting at this time is the speed. When/if I run into an issue I’ll dig into the manual.
    I’m going with the KISS principle for now


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      67 pages, eh? Wow! Mine came with a 6 page zeroxed manual. He vast majority of info was how to get the tubing connected to the spindle. Oh well...


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        I also received the six page “instructions” which you refer to. The 67 page manual was included with the controller.