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Anyone have the water spindle?

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  • Anyone have the water spindle?

    I'm curious if anyone has the water spindle? If so, why did you pick it vs cheaper options via 3rd party? Do you like it? Can't seem to find much information about it anywhere online. hard to justify $800+ without something to go by. Thanks!

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    I have the spindle on my machine at home, and it was a life saver. The noise reduction as well as the longevity make it a crucial accessory.

    Routers are completely fine, but I was replacing brushes every once in a while.

    In terms of our spindle vs 3rd party, we have support for automatic on/off for the spindle if your purchase ours.


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      Purchase a spindle in Dec 2017 very nice and lot less noise in workshop.

      I'd like to know about the automatic on/off feature my system is an HD3


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        I purchased the spindle with my new HD4 extended. The noise reduction is huge but I was going thru dewalt routers about every 2 months. I also think that keeping the system cooler helps to save the router bits. The biggest draw back is that the Collet wont go bigger than1/4 inch. I don't use the auto on off feature because I use the laser attachment a lot and don't want to worry about it starting when I have it installed.


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          I hear the responses - and I'm still scratching my head (no big surprise). I'm worried about losing the 1/2 in collet because my surfacing bit is 1/2 (and that blasted thing was $125!). Maybe I can find a 1/4 in surfacing bit. Also, like Dallas - I also use the laser so I'm not sure about the auto on / off. Thanks for the input. Still will think about it.


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            I just installed one on my HD2 and now am scratching my head as to how to put a bit in and keep it from rotating. Should have played with that before I mounted on the gantry. The noise reduction is awesome. I do not understand the automatic on/off feature and did not know it was there until reading this thread. Onward and upward......a learning I will go.


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              Changed to a Spindle 2kw water cooled on my HD2 and the noise reduction was worth it. I use the Muscle chuck which is 1/2" collet and 1/4" collet adapter and it works great. Slight reduction in Z height but I can live with that.
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                When I bought my HD4 Ext I got the package deal. I have not had any issues with my spindle. There are days that it runs 6-8 hours at a time. I have used it for surfacing as well with a 1" bit that is 1/4" shank and not had a problem. I do have a dewalt sitting under the table as a back up or if I need to use a larger shank bit but at this point I havent found a reason to use it.


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                  Originally posted by Haroldb View Post
                  Changed to a Spindle 2kw water cooled on my HD2 and the noise reduction was worth it. I use the Muscle chuck which is 1/2" collet and 1/4" collet adapter and it works great. Slight reduction in Z height but I can live with that.
                  I’m curious as to which Muscle chuck you use with your spindle. I’m getting a spindle and can foresee wanting to use a couple of 1/2” shank bits. Don’t plan on hogging out a lot of mater rather want to use a larger ball end mill


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                    I, too, have been considering the spindle due to the noise of a router and having to change brushes often. Some of my jobs are running 11-12 hours. NWA told me that the spindle was "not compatible with 1/2" collets, the maximum collet size compatible with the spindle is 1/4". Any ER-11 collet 1/4" or smaller is compatible with the spindle's collet nut." So I need to look into the Muscle chuck as well. I'm also curious what you guys think about having to use a 5g bucket on the floor as the reservoir for coolant. The only setup I've seen is on the Axiom where the reservoir is much smaller and attached to the back of the gantry where it's out of the way. I'm not sure what I think about having 10' hoses running from the floor to the spindle. Seems like a design that wasn't all that well thought-out, but I wanted feedback from anyone who's currently using the spindle.


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                      I too, recently installed the water cooled spindle from NW and have a comment/question for other users. I don't feel the spindle is as robust as my Bosch router. Things I normally cut with the Bosch have given me issues using the spindle. I have to slow the feed rate down or it will result in considerable chatter with the spindle which has resulted in some pretty ugly cuts.

                      I am running a 1/4" EM and I do know there is a Muscle Chuck available for the spindle which has a 1/2" as stock and collets to reduce to 1/4" shank. I was going to purchase a chuck but feel the added length would only make the chattering worse. Would like to here from others about their experiences.

                      As to the question of the 5 gal bucket. I cut out a mount for the bucket which mounts to the cart on which I have my Shark II mounted. It's really not in the way and the coolant lines run up and over the gantry.

                      You will notice that the spindle is just laying on the Spoil board (for photo purposes)as I'm using my Bosch router currently until I resolve the issue or get rid of the water cooled spindle altogether

                      OBTW, you do want to keep the lid on the bucket while cutting
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