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Can this be used if work piece is set to use lower left corner as orientation?

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  • Can this be used if work piece is set to use lower left corner as orientation?

    Is there a way to set up virtual zero to use the lower left corner to start this process? It seems that my machine always wants to start taking data points from the center of the work piece (which I generally do not take the time to find because I always orient my jobs and zero my X, Y and Z from the lower left corner in VCarve.. Also, on a another related there ANY documentation for the apps found in the control pendant? That would be VERY helpful to know what they do and how to use them.


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    As of right now, the process for Virtual Zero is fixed, so it will always begin in the center. We are currently working on a manual for all apps and their functions. For now, if you have a question about a certain one, feel free to post on here or message me directly.


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      Where are you at in regards to a manual for the VIrtual Zero? I was pleasantly surprised when I accidentally found out about this feature after I updated my software (I hadn't used my machine in a long time). I actually thought that it was only for the higher-end systems (Shark). I haven't had any luck using it, though, since it moves around somewhat randomly/erratically, and will move down to the touchplate for the first point, then only drop down an inch or so (not touching the plate) and moves on to next point (with an incorrect reading, naturally) so I cancel the process since it would destroy my project, and just go older method (only use touch plate for one point).


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        No one seems to monitor this forum from NextWave and no one even cares once they have your money. The dealers don't know how to use the machines either. The links that are posted are not valid and owners of their machines are left out in the dark, to try a figure out how to use apps without any instruction of any kind. I wish I had done a little more research before I bought my CNC from them. This forum and their customer service stinks. If anyone wants to buy a slightly used Piranha XL contact me, I'm ready to sell mine.