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  • Touch Plate, X & Y

    After setting the Z axis with touch plate, how do I set X & Y axis?


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    There are a few ways to set the X and Y axis. The most common way is jogging the machine to the correct position, and zeroing the two axis. We also have a sense probe accessory, which touches off all four sides of your material and finds the center for you.


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      I have a Piranha XL. After setting the parameters in virtual zero app (x,y dimensions, touch plate etc). How do i get the app to start (tool movement)? (There are links to Shark instructions that are invalid also).
      When does NextWave plan to offer the manual for pendant apps that is supposed to be in the works? Not having information is the most frustrating experience with this machine.


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        Why do I not see an answer to this question from NWA? This is concerning as a new Piranha XL owner as of 7/10/2018.


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          This and the Rockler forum - - are primarily driven by fellow users. While you can argue that that isn't ideal, it has worked for 'us' for years, and we're over it for the most part. Doesn't detract in the end from the value and use of these machines.


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            How do I use the touch plate to get 5-point zero on uneven project.