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Touch Plate Constant Contact Problem

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  • Touch Plate Constant Contact Problem

    New HD4, DW618 router plugged into controller. Touch Plate Calibration thinks bit is in constant contact with Touch Plate (when it is not) as soon as, and as long as, the magnet lead is attached to router collet, so I'm not able to run the calibration. I updated firmware (from 3.94 to 3.A4) but that didn't help.

    After some experimentation, I found that if I unplug the router power cord, everything works the way it's supposed to and I'm able to calibrate the touch plate. Presumably, this is because the router body, collet, etc. are connected to the power cord ground (as they should be) which is, in turn, connected to controller ground. Is this normal? Or is there some wiring reversed somewhere?

    I checked the Touch Plate with an ohm meter and found that the Touch Plate banana plug is connected to both the Tip and Ring of the 1/8 TRS stereo plug, and the magnet lead is connected to the Sleeve of the TRS stereo plug. I can make the Touch Plate work, but having to unplug the router every time is inconvenient.


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    Turns out the Touch Plate Cable was wired incorrectly. Next Wave replaced it with one that works properly.