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Updating Older Mako Shark (HD2) with HD4 to HD5 Gantry Kit

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  • Updating Older Mako Shark (HD2) with HD4 to HD5 Gantry Kit

    Has anyone successfully performed the upgrade of the Mako Shark (HD2) to incorporate the upgrade kit for the HD4 to HD5 gantry. NWA Service says that this will fit the HD2. Do you experience any difficulty performing the upgrade? I have the original controller box that works great and not the new pendant.

    Will I have to change the travel rates for the Z-axis? It appears that the HD4 travel rate is off by a factor of 2 but I'm not sure about the impact on the Mako Shark.

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    Not sure if you use Facebook or not, but there is a group on there called "Shark HD4 & HD5 Owners". There is a current post basically asking the same question. There are a number of people giving different answers for that issue. I have no direct knowledge on this subject, but many on there seem to have some suggestions, or answers. They may be able to assist you.


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      Thank you for your rely. I will check it out.