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7w laser failure

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  • 7w laser failure

    bought the 7w laser on oct 14, 2019 (for 1000 fucking dollars), it has worked flawlessly until tonight. Sent the exact same kind of file that has been working flawlessly unto now to it a couple of hours ago & the laser won’t fire. The machine moves, but no laser. nothing different from the any of files I’ve been sending it previously...

    Have contacted Customer support with the same message, let’s see how responsive they are to an obvious product failure...


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    Kerry, I have got the same problem. I called Next Wave and they want me to send in my Pendant, laser head, power box for my laser and my CNC controller.

    I was told that I pay for shipping but it was covered under warranty no there is no charge there and they will ship it back to me. Also, My pendant will no longer read my USB drives

    that I have used in the past. I'm sure they will get the kinks out of it.